Cooper's Bedside Statue (Original)

Notes: Approximately 3 7/8" tall. Seen on Cooper's bedside table. Also is from the Great Northern Lodge Gift Shop gift display case. Private collection.

(look behind the milk)


Anonymous said...

Are you seeling this on eBay?
It's on sale there.

Eric :)

Jerry Horne said...

I'm not selling it - but I know who is as it was offered to me first. I passed though as it is just to obscure even for me! The problem is that we never get a good shot of the gift shop in the middle of the Great Northern lobby during the series. Most people don't even realize it's there...

Anonymous said...


the statue was also one of the many things on Coops nightstand.

You can see the top and the bottom of it in these screencaps:

Frank D.

Jerry Horne said...

Thanks Frank!