FWWM 'Angel' Photo (Reproduction)

Notes: Available here!


Anonymous said...

One cool thing about this photo is that you'll actually see two different versions of it throughout FWWM. The difference is quite noticable if you just pay attention. Well technically, I guess you could say there are three versions. 1. The normal untouched photo. 2. The retouched photo where the angel is taken out (and they did some extensive changes to the wall/flowers behind the angels wings and the mountain view beyond the face of the angel). And finally 3, the retouched photo with the angel added back in (so they could fade out the angel.

Anyway, might be more than anyone cares to know, but there you have it. :)

Jerry Horne said...

Good eye! At some point i'll try and put up more screenshots to point this out.

Anonymous said...

I am keen as hell and have searched far and wide for a clean copy or original print of this image. Closest i have found is at this address;

Regards, Darmok.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!
I really would like to have a copy of that picture!

Thank you Darmok for your link too.