A Closer Look...At The Double RR Bulletin Board.

Look closely at the Double RR Diner community bulletin board and you will see a another case where a crew member from Twin Peaks has inserted their name in history! Richard Robinson was an assistant prop master on the show!

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Sam said...

That's funny as I was just looking at this image. So many details! From what I could tell it looks like the news paper clipping has a caption under the photo that says, "These young girls decided that helping clean the shores of Puget Sound ... on Saturday morning." So I'm guessing it is a local Seattle newspaper?

There is also a card for Jim Marsh, Inc. which is an auto dealer in Las Vegas (http://www.jimmarsh.com). I tried looking up the name on the card - Steve Ricketts - but couldn't find a connection.

Another card says James H. Turner III - Private Investigator. I believe this link (http://www2.richmond.com/news/2004/mar/30/news-7683-ar-600347/) is the same guy. And his connection ... "He relocated to Sacramento shortly after his resignation, operating the JH Turner Agency, an international security-consulting firm, as well as Turner Worldwide Enterprises, LLC."