Twin Peaks Props Exclusive! 4 More Pages From The Original Laura's Diary Prop!

Text from "Day 18"

February 17
1988 Hello Diary!
Nothing new to say.

1989 Rode in June’s new car – cute.
Day twelve.

February 18
1988 Couldn’t find my new blouse. Till I noticed it was in his car.

1989 Ran 5 miles today. Saw 3 deer at the river. One was a fawn.
Day thirteen.

Text from "Day 12 & 13"

February 23
1988 Cycled today.

1989 Cloudy. Sort of giddy. Not even cautiously optimistic. Day eighteen. Eight o'clock. Asparagus for dinner again. I hate asparagus. Does this mean I'll ever grow up?????????
Nervous about meeting J tonight.

February 24
1988 Went bowling. 3 lucky strikes.

Very special thanks to Daryl at PULP GALLERY for letting fans get a glimpse at these very special pages!

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Laura died on February 23, 1989 in the series. Her "last" entry.
...but the diary also has entries through Feb 29th in the 1988 slots, and full pages of text through March 4th. The text pages relate to the dialogue spoken in the sheriff's office scene where Cooper and Truman were reading through the diary. In this section, there is also a text notation directing a change from "Does this mean I'll ever grow up?" to "Does this mean I'll NEVER grow up?" That was the line used in the episode.